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Equipment Training

Hydraulic power drives a variety of devices in a multitude of industries. Its use is so widespread due to its versatility, and to the high levels of power that can be achieved through relatively simple means. Most heavy construction machinery utilizes hydraulic power. Cranes, lifts, bulldozers and diggers all use gas engines to power hydraulic pumps, which pressurize hydraulic fluid.  Hydraulic power is also a mainstay in most industrial facilities, and is often directly or indirectly responsible for the movement of most automated components. Robotic arms, presses and lathes all incorporate hydraulics into their design, and industrial hammers, pullers, punches, clutches and brakes generally function using hydraulics.

Hydraulic equipment operates with the help of a vast range of valves, pumps, filters and actuators. These include check valves, which prevent the backflow of liquid; counterbalance valves, which provide flow resistance in specific situations; hydraulic cylinders, which convert the fluid pressure into mechanical force, often by driving a piston; and pump filters, which remove damaging chips and particles from the fluid.

At Power Twins, we train on Equipment maintenance and provide valuable knowledge on how you can optimumly run your equipment without hitches.